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Miicraft Printers

Miicraft, based in Taiwan, developed and launched their first DLP printer in 2012. They’ve gathered talent from mechanical and optical engineering, as well as material sciences to create quality, innovative products. Their goal is to allow professional users to leverage their high-resolution and flexible printers to achieve their specific production goals.
Miicraft 125 Ultra DLP Printer


The latest DLP printer from Miicraft is the perfect upgrade unit from inexpensive “starter printers”, or simply as the initial entry point for someone making that first move into rapid prototyping for small scale custom dental production. The heart of the Miicraft is the powerful and superior quality light engine, which operates at far below maximum output, resulting in prolonged service life. It also results in print precision across the entire build surface, unlike some low-cost DLP printers. The 125 Ultra delivers print quality at a par with printers that are two or three times more expensive, making it an unbeatable value-proposition. To prove it to you we’d be happy to print up a file of your choosing so you can compare it with outputs from other printers.


Capable of printing any dental CAD design, the Miicraft 125 is a fully open and adjustable printer that will work with any print resin on the market that cures at 405nm. You have complete control over print parameters and strategies to optimize the printer performance to match the resin properties. As new printable materials come to market your Miicraft printer will always be open to them, effectively future-proofing your investment.


Learning how to use effectively use a 3D printer and making money doing it have not been easy for many of those who’ve invested in printers to date. The lack of training and support has forced some to go through the learning curve on their own in a slow and painful way. Central Dental and CADWorks have teamed up to change this by providing Miicraft printer users with on-site training at installation and quick access to free ongoing support.
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  • Truly fully open printer that will work with any print resin (405 nm)
  • Print parameters and strategies fully adjustable by the user
  • Industrial quality output and robust build quality
  • Print quality at par with printers twice as expensive
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs and replacement parts
  • No annual license, support or maintenance fees
  • Expert training and support provided by CADWorks and Central Dental


  • Orthodontic models
  • Crown and bridge models
  • Long-term Temporaries (provisionals)
  • Pressable and castable wax restorations
  • Surgical guides
  • Splints
  • Night guards
  • Try-In and long-term dentures


Designed specially for the Miicraft 125 Ultra

CADWorks 3D nesting software simplifies and speeds up the preparation of design files. Easy and intuitive, CADWorks software allows users to prepare supports using powerful automatic tools, or to do so manually when doing so is more effective.

(CADWorks nesting software is included with the Miicraft 125, with no annual license fees.)


Build plate dimensions: 125mm x 70mm x 200mm
X:Y resolution: 65 μm
Wavelength: 405 nm LED
Z- axis layer thickness: 2-200 μm
Interface: Wi-Fi, USB and LAN
Printer size: 43 x 43 x 59 cm
Printer weight: 36.5 kg


Creative CADWorks was founded by Hemdeep and Kamal Patel. They’ve been in the 3D printing and rapid prototyping space since 2009 when they saw how digital technologies would impact industry. Over the last five years they’ve installed hundreds of Miicraft printers in a variety of industries ranging from dental, jewellery and specialty medical. The CADWorks team knows rapid prototyping inside and out, having also developed several lines of print resins, some of which have been featured in scientific journals. They’re passionate about training and supporting users and about showing them how to make printing a vehicle for improved efficiency and increased profits.
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